POP® TT55D Hand Rivet Tool

POP® TT55D Hand Rivet Tool
Brand: POP®
Product Code: PT-TT55D

Plier Tool for Rivets up to 4.0mm Ø

POP® TT55D is a classic hand plier rivet tool ideal for on-site or production use. This tool is designed to install blind rivets up to 4.0mm Ø in aluminium and steel.

Also available is a POP® TT55D Service Kit (PS-TT55D-SK) including a Jaw Set (PS-15383), a Jaw Pusher Spring (PS-15382), a 'R' Clip (PS-15374) and a Fulcrum Pin (PS-15376)



Professional standard
Strong, durable and compact
Lightweight and ergonomic operation
Rivet holding mechanism
Easy to maintain with full set of spares available
Readily accessible nosepieces



Product Code:   PT-TT55D
Capacity:           2.4 - 4.0mm
Weight:              0.4kg
Length:              229mm
Stroke:              6mm

 Package Accessories


Nosepieces for 2.4mm, 3.2mm & 4.0mm rivets
2 Spanners for Jaw Case
Spare parts list

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