Lock Bolts


Standard Lock Bolt
RIVTEC® Standard Lock bolts RIVTEC® Standard Lock bolts (also referred to as AVDEL Avdel..
Multi-Grip Lock Bolt
RIVTEC® Multi-Grip Lock Bolt Also referred to as Huck Magna-Grip®, AVDEL Maxlok® Available ..
High Tensile Lock Bolts
RIVTEC® high tensile lock bolt  RIVTEC® high tensile lock bolt (also referred ..
Panelok (TiTainer)
Panelok (TiTainer) Panelok (also known as Camtainer®) is a highly customised two-piece bolt-&..
Rivtainer (also known as AVDEL Avtainer®, Huck Hucktainer®) is used For Metal to Ply/GRP applicat..