Rivtec® TA-800 Series Rivet Nut Air Hydraulic Tool

Rivtec® TA-800 Series Rivet Nut Air Hydraulic Tool
Product Code: TA-800/TA-802/TA-803/TA-804/TA-808

Air Rivet Nut Tools (Spin/Spin)

Rivtec® TA-800 Series are simple and proven entry level pistol grip air rivet nut tools for installing steel rivet nuts only. There are five models (801, 802, 803, 804 & 808) each with different gearing and out put speed. The tools work on the stall principle (no clutch). Each model is optimal for just two sizes of rivet nuts (808 for M12 only), but regulating the air supply allows for some flexibility.



Industry standard socket head cap screw mandrel
Fast setting cycle with forward/reverse (F/R) trigger for optimum user control
Diecast steel/alloy body
Air flow regulator (included) with Nitto® connector



Product Code:                   TA-801 / TA-802 / TA-803 / TA-804 / TA-808
Weight:                              1.2 kg
Length:                              220 mm
Operating Air Pressure:    5 - 7 bar
Free Speed:                      3000 rpm (TA-801)
                                          1500 rpm (TA-802)
                                          600 rpm (TA-803)
                                          400 rpm (TA-804)
                                          280 rpm (TA-808)

 Package Accessories


TA-801: mandrels & nosepieces for M3 & M4 rivet nuts
TA-802: mandrels & nosepieces for M5 & M6 rivet nuts
TA-803: mandrels & nosepieces for M6 & M8 rivet nuts
TA-804: mandrels & nosepieces for M8 & M10 rivet nuts
TA-808: mandrel and nosepice for M12 rivet nuts
Operating Manual

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